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All users who prefer to play games as a child will enjoy the game called because they played the most popular snake game of the oldest time. Powerline io is the rejuvenation of the classic snake game. It has better graphics, better controls and of course multiplayer nature, so the user can play the game and compete on the Internet with other users. In this game you start as a snake and you get points by killing the other players and killing them. The game has easy controls and the goal of the game is simple.

How to Play
The most important thing for game is to move your character brilliantly. In the game, your character throughout the arena will represent a piece of wire. Players must collect small pieces of wire that will increase their character’s score. The player can move to the front, left, right and back. A small map is available on the bottom right of the game, making it easy to find your own direction. The bottom left screen shows you the statistics, such as your score and the number of users you kill. Basically, the mouse is unusable when playing this game. Strategy
Users in the game will have to prevent other players from touching the body of the wires. You’ll have to hit the players’ head to kill other players. Thus, the game is very similar to classic-style snake games. The player will die if he crashes into the body of any other player. When playing, your character will have to be in parallel with other players in the arena to get stronger and speed up. As the player grows, the position in the leadership ranking is better.

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