raaaaft io

raaaaft io

About Raaaaft.io
Raaaaft.io is a multiplayer game of stay in the ocean. You start the game by falling into an island in the middle of the ocean. Using world resources, you should try to live alone or as long as you can within a tribe. When you play this game, you’ll be greeted by aggressive sharks, many players who might be your friends, or enemies that will have what you have! In these cases you must find the best solution to decide whether to survive or die.

There are many types of empty islands you can use to build a base and you have different weapons to defend it!
There are 3 different variable energy types playing the game. These energy types are food, water and body energy. The nutrient energy is shown in red, the water is blue and the body energy is shown in yellow. If you press the wrench-shaped button on the top left of the screen, you can have the materials you can have, the units you can build, and the weapons and armor you can use.

How to Play Raaaaft.io?
WASD or arrow keys to redirect the character,
Left click to attack or take action.
F key to retrieve the product or item.
Number keys to use an item or item.
The scroll button on the mouse to control the zoom level.

Raaaaft.io Strategy
The Raaaaft.io game is interpreted as a difficult game to play for many players. This is because you cannot survive if you have to satisfy your need for food and water within a certain period of time. First you must find yourself an empty island and then you must strengthen your island by setting up your own camp. You need to build a raft and fish to fix your meal. You do not need to build a raft for fishing, you can fish from the island’s coast. To survive, you can collaborate with other players and team up with your own tribe.

There is a small map in the lower right part of the game and you can understand where you are in the ocean with this map and you can easily grow stronger with your own tribe. But watch out for sharks or lose your character and lose points.

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