rapid gun

rapid gun

Counter Strike Condition Zero Game How to Play?
Counter Strike Condition Zero game with direction keys and mouse. Move with the arrow keys. You're pointing your finger at the mouse and shooting. Fill the magazine with the "R" key.

The number of enemy troops remaining in the "ENEMIES" section appears at the bottom of the screen.

HEALTH section of your health status and immediately on the upper side of your bullet looks. You have to kill enemies by shooting before them. Otherwise, you'il die under fire. As you kill the soldiers, move on to their area. Play counter strike condution zero game by killing soldiers coming from behind the boxes and walls.

The game has 3 different difficulty levels. You start by choosing one of these when you first start. "EASY" is easy, NORMAL and "HARD" are difficult options. Play counter strike condution zero by selecting one of these options.

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