slither io

slither io
About is one of the most popular io games in the world. In this game you play as a snake in a world like and you are trying to grow by avoiding snakes controlled by other players. There are many foods you can collect on the map, and they increase the size of your snake even slowly. You can also grow faster by eating enemy snakes. The aim of this game is to try to survive, but some snakes who love competition want to be the biggest and worst snake, and thus to rank first in the leadership rankings.
How to Play
No matter how big you are in, you can eat bigger or smaller opponents or beat them. Depending on the path you choose, you may encounter a dangerous snake, or you can feed yourself to a snake. To defeat another player, you must ensure that the snake’s head hits your body. After the snake dies, all the food he eats is on the map in a way that can be eaten by everyone else. So you can eat as much as you can before you put one onto your hard work. Strategy
Your snake is completely controlled by your mouse and the head of the snake will follow the indicator bar of your mouse. You can also speed up your snake by using the space bar, but if it is used for a long time, this will gradually reduce the size of your snake and leave food behind your tail. So if you can predict your opponents’ moves, you can better protect the size of your snake. This will make it easier for you to enter the player rankings in the top right corner of the game and you will have more chances to be the first
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