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About is an insanely cool and original .io game. This game takes place in outer space and is a great battle between the players who control the “fleet” or “army eden of the mainly neon triangles. As in any classic, players must take the lives of others to earn points. When you fire, each one fires a laser beam or a star-like bullet. The main reason for this concentration-catching game is simple controls that provide a faster, more aggressive gaming experience.

How to play
In, when you hit other players with your bullets, you will destroy them and win their own neon-triangle aids! This helps to create serious courage and action-packed competitions with other players. When you experience problems with any delays, prioritize or change the web browser you are using. You also have the option of linking the game server to a server with a more powerful online connection, for example, at a specific location. Finally, you can be strengthened with mods and hacks to play with various skins and different skills. Strategy
A good strategy in is to try to attack when your enemies don’t wait behind. This makes it harder for them to respond quickly enough to beat you. In general, the first hit player tends to win in an equal battle. You need to do a lot of practice in order to learn the game that contains Android Google Store or download it from appstore in a short time. Your goal is to build a powerful army and evolve your weapons and evolve your weapons and evolve into an even stronger army. Anything other than your mouse skill is vital in the game and you need to move the mouse to steer your fleet. The left mouse button or space bar is intended for firing.

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