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spinz io

About Spinz.io
Spinz.io is the game version of the stress wheel that is popular today. The aim of this game is to bring the stress wheel to the fastest rotation speed and to be the leader in the leadership ranking. There are 2 ways to increase the speed of your stress wheel. One of them is collecting colored balls on the map and the other is collecting colored balls poured from the other stress wheels. In addition, Spinz.io has a variety of stress wheel forms. To use these skins, you have to meet certain conditions.

The game has a membership system and members can benefit from some high-level privileges, from earning money and from freely selected stress wheel types. There are two game modes with single and team games. The game offers players the opportunity to find their own places with a small map feature.

How to Play Spinz.io
Playing Spinz.io is quite simple and practical for players of all ages. In the game, you must use mouse movements to move your stress wheel. If you want to increase the speed of the stress wheel, you must hold down the left mouse button. If you need to attack other players, you must hit and destroy your opponents by hitting the stress wheel. However, players with a faster stress wheel than any other player will win the game.

Spinz.io Strategy
The goals of all players are to reach the highest score in the game. To achieve these goals, players have to develop some tactics. The most common tactic is the hit and run strategy used by players. If the enemy is stronger than you, you should try to reduce the speed by shooting. But if the enemy is much stronger than you, this time you must use black holes to escape. Thus, black holes will increase your speed and make your escape easier. Moreover, you need to interact with your teammates and team attacks to team attacks.

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