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About is a space-based strategy game that is the leader of the navy fleet with the mission to rule the universe. Once you have occupied and conquered each one to gain more space to join your ever-growing army, you will fly from planet to planet. As a space invader, you must have both an attack and a defense. StarJackio is one of the coolest and original io games released last month. Made by the best guys from the SideQuiest studio. This game is a combination of and games with great resemblance.

How to play’s goal is to capture all the centers of your enemies. First you join the lobby and expect other players to join. If there is no one, you can add an artificial intelligence to the room and play with the boat. Even if there are enough players, the bot can still add, because the bot doesn’t wait, knows the rules and plays pretty fast.

Left click to send all fighters to the target planet
Right click (or Shilft + left click) to send half of the fighters to the target planet
Right click to cancel target
Use the mouse, WASD or arrows to move the camera
Use the tab feature to change statistics Strategy
You start with a master planet and a few fleet ships nearby. Every planet produces new ships fleets at its own pace. Select the source planet to send the fleet, and then click on the target planet. Left click sends all available fleets. If you want to send half of your fleet with the right click you can send. Once the enemy fleets have been destroyed, your ships will spend some time trying to take over the emptied planet. Then the planet is yours and will produce some fleets like your home planet. Thus, your fleet will increase faster.

Some planets in StarJack io have special buildings and symbols. These are special skills that can be very useful in a challenging battle.

Build Ratio: Build larger planets fighters faster
Defense: Linking them together for defense from planets
Scan Capability: Scan any point in space
Emp Ability: Locking enemies into orbit and sending fighters
Shield Capability: Making orbital fighters invincible

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