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About is a game of io that aims to survive by collecting items against cold air and hunger. Collect the most possible resources to prepare a campfire, resist the coldness of the night, feed yourself and plant your seed and create your garden. You can survive by killing different types of animals or away from the animals that attack you. There are different classes of weapons and equipment available to players. Normal play, hunger games, zombie game and vampire game mode are divided into 4 different fashion.

How to play
In, there are raw materials in different classes and players can develop and survive with these raw materials. Players, primarily wood, gold, stone, diamond, purple ruby, such as collecting items can build their own weapons and weapons. The key element to survive in the game is to eat dinner. Meals are divided into 3 different categories. Unprocessed foods include blackberries, pumpkin, garlic, raw meat, fish and flour. Protein-based dishes are cooked meat and cooked fish. Bakery products are classified as bread, sandwiches, cookies and cakes. Strategy
Your character in the game moves with the direction arrow keys or WASD keys. With the left mouse button, you can collect raw materials, agriculture or fight. When you start the game, you must first increase the amount of wood because you can get it with wood. Another difference is that to eliminate hunger and hunger, you must first collect blackberry, so your character will not die of starvation. Then you have to have stone-digging and sword weapons to be stronger against the opponents. For this reason, you must dig enough stone to get these items. It will be overnight when doing these activities. At night, you must survive by burning a campfire in order not to die from the cold. The blue bar at the bottom right shows your amount of water. If this amount begins to decrease, you need to meet this need by finding water resources like lake.

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