stba io

stba io

In, choose your battleship on a wide range of powerful units and enter the battlefield. Start the game by choosing a basic unit such as different battles, bombers, fighter jets, Javelin or Manta (air fighter). Increase your killing count to unlock more advanced units like Harpy and Gladiator. Be even more lethal to unleash super units like the enormous flying battleship and Ion Ball!

Each team starts with a limited number of re-chances. When you kill an enemy unit, a new enemy unit replaces it and the number of rivals for the enemy team is reduced. When the number of births reaches 0, all base defenses explode and the Command Center remains vulnerable. Work as a team to destroy the enemy Command Center before the enemies destroy you!

The game offers membership free membership system, allowing players to register their names and access the hidden features of the ships. is the abbreviation of program Strike Tactics Battle Arena “and the RTS is the official favorites of the program” Strike Tactics St.

How to Play
You can use WASD to move most units. Some airplanes, such as Peregrine and bomber, can move the non-mobile combat units with the mouse, ie the cursor. Some units, such as the Gladiator, have firearms that fire with the right button, but most units have primary weapons that fire with the left click. Almost all units have at least one capability, which is a shortcut to the number keys. In addition you can zoom in and out with the mouse wheel. Strategy
Try to survive to rise your level, so you can jump to higher levels. When you reach enough killing numbers, move on to more powerful units so you’ll be extra strong against enemies. Don’t forget to use your special skills against enemies, usually in the middle of the bottom of the screen.

It is important to use the small map in the game effectively because your warships have a radar system and allow you to see where the falls are. Pay attention to the health of your Command Center by looking at the bars at the top of the screen. If your team is born, return to your Command Center and defend it!

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