stomped io

stomped io

About is a free and multiplayer online war arena for everyone. In this game you must knock them down and crush them to jump on other players! Your overall goal in the game is to collect the stars to enlarge their character and jump on other players to destroy them in the game. A small map is available in the lower right corner of the game, so you can easily see where your player is on the map. There are different kinds of characters in different colors and combinations. Players can choose these characters according to the points they have earned, or they can use it for free by sharing the game on social media.

How to Play
You can use the mouse to steer your jumper character to the left and right, and use the arrow keys. Collect all the stars to have a bigger and stronger character. You can use the left mouse button or the space bar on the keyboard to crush opponents. The number of stars of each opponent you jump by jumping is passed to you and you can go up to the 1st place in the player list by collecting more points. Strategy
When you jump to a smaller player, you’re causing them to lose all their stars. By jumping and jumping to a bigger player, you’ll cause them to lose half of their stars (their size will be halved).

When a player loses a star, half of them spread to the environment and the other half goes to you! So, when you’re small (all players start from 10 stars), you can only grow noticeably by gathering stars (each of which causes 1 size to grow), but in the end you’ll have to bounce and crush other players because capturing the stars of others helps you grow faster.

Larger players are heavier, so when they hit a smaller player, the smaller player has the flexibility to go further. There’s no limit to how many jumps you can do. It doesn’t hurt more than normal on other players, but this is a fast maneuver and a move that will surprise competitors. Use the rungs scattered on the map of the game, ie according to your advantage! You can go up from the bottom of the ledges, but you can’t switch from top to bottom.

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