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About game is one of the simplest and funest of the new generation io games. Get as many lands as possible in this game, don’t hit walls, defend your land and try to find the best strategy to take over the whole map, but be aware that other players in the game won’t let you do that. In this game, your goal is to protect your region from the very beginning because when you lose your territory, your superiority on the map will be reduced.

How to play is a game played in the region and block capture game. In order to kill your enemies, you can kill them by passing through their extension while capturing other blocks. It has many different points details. To be included in the list of the top 10 players in the game, points are made by taking into account the number of opponents you killed, your percentage rate on the map and the number of blocks you have. That’s why you need to determine your strategy in the game well and succeed in every point unit. In the game there are character skins that have different appearance, ie head restraints. To change the look of your character, you can make your selection from the skin selection section at the bottom left before entering the game and you may look different than the other players. Strategy
You must direct your character in the game with the help of your mouse. When directing your character, you must control and control where the enemies are. Because to kill your enemies, you can kill them by passing through their extension while passing other blocks. But one of the easiest strategies in this game is to attack enemies by growing your region and getting support from your own region. The second strategy is to attack the enemy from an area that is not seen by enemies while attacking their territories and destroying them.

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