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About is a unique game that can be played online and free of charge, such as Slither. You start playing as a small snake, eating food and other snakes to be bigger and stronger. There are some reinforcers that will support the battle on the map that will enable even the smallest snakes to survive. With these boosters you can fight against snakes that are stronger than you.

How to play
In order to be successful in the world of you have to gain experience because there are some strengths and obstacles to remember. However, the most important thing to remember is that if a snake is higher than you as a level, you can eat, if you are at the same level as another snake, if you have immortality for a short time or you do not have a reinforcer to soften the enemy snake, you both die. You should be careful not to hit the white colored barbed wire and gray metal boxes on the map. It also slows your snake in red areas. Strategy
In this game, your snake moves forward automatically and unfortunately there is no way to stop it. But you can turn left or right to avoid coming snakes or to turn around. When you use the A and S keys for this, you use the W key to activate the boosters you have received. If you enter areas marked with a red color in the game, your snake slows down and you are vulnerable to your enemies. In addition, if you touch the white barbed wire on the map, your snake will die automatically. Therefore, it will be useful for you to reach a better level as far away from these barbed wires as possible.

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