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takepoint io

About Takepoint.io
Takepoint.io is an amazing online, tactical based war game released in March 2018. Players use virtual warriors to work with online players in the team to try to destroy enemies.

The purpose of the game can be listed as follows; Try to eliminate all other players, catch the scores of other teams and try to defend, try to get points to protect the area on the map, unlock weapons, make upgrades and select the complementary advantages. The high team score allows you to get better weapons that you can purchase by unlocking the locks.

In the beginning you are assigned a randomly selected team and you must fight together throughout the game. You earn extra points when you defeat your enemies and raise your score. Use only points you earn to buy upgrades, better weapons and advantages.

How to Play Takepoint.io?
Takepoint.io game controls are simple, you can start the game by pressing the Play button. W A S You can control by pressing the D keys. Use the left mouse button to fire again and again, use the space bar to reload the bullets, use the space bar to enjoy the bullets and enjoy the chat with the Enter key.

Takepoint.io Strategy
You earn points based on the number of points your team has. If you get faster points, you can open upgrades faster. Work with your teammates and give each other advantages. For example, at least one team mate drops health packs while others place obstacles. Gas bombs can be an effective help to clear enemies if they’re attacking to collect points.

Make sure your team’s weapons selections are compatible with each other. The shotgun is very effective at close range, the sniper is useful for long range attacks and the assault weapon is positioned at the center of them. A small group of players using these three different weapons will provide a significant advantage over less organized players.

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