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tanksmith io

About Tanksmith.io
Collect the scattered resources on the map of the Tanksmith.io game, design your tank and go into battle. A real-time original tank battle and tower defense game against players from all over the world. Combine your tank with 10 unique units and develop with 5 different sources. You can use up to 20 units in addition to your main tank. There is also a small map available in the game, so you can easily see where your army army is on the map. In addition, you can easily play this game on mobile devices.

There are different units that you can add to your army in the game. Units include: Basic Unit, Basic Turret, Riser Unit, Healing Unit, Twin Turret, Sniper Turret, Alchemy Lab, Top Turret, Eight Turret and Spike. In order to have these units, you need to have the resources to build them.

How to Play Tanksmith.io?
Move your tank with your Tanksmith.io tank, WASD or arrow keys. You can aim with your mouse and left click to shoot. Keep your original tank to survive. Destroy shapes to improve your tank and collect resources. Select a unit from the store and click to place it. Collect better resources to create better units. You can use the E key to activate automatic ignition. You can do this by clicking a unit in your army army to upgrade or destroy it. Fight the other players and climb the lead in the leaderboard.

Tanksmith.io Strategy
You can create new units by collecting wood to create units that protect your main tank. More turrets allow you to build your army faster by collecting resources faster. To improve your resource count, you must collect 5 resources at an adequate level. Buu resources; board, iron, gold, diamond and amethyst. Try adding a Wood Alchemy lab to turn resources into iron, then you can upgrade your units more easily. Continue to rise to better resources (Gold, then Diamond, then Amethyst) and try to destroy your players with your empowered army. At some point, you can knock down the leader of the game and manage the server.

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