trapz io

trapz io

About is a multiplayer platform game. It’s probably the only multiplayer game of this genre. If you still remember to play Super Mario, try this game! Quickly reach the main screen of and enjoy a great platformer with thousands of players!

As a devoted admirer of Io’s worlds, you are not a stranger to your primary mission; that is, to be at the top of the leader list. However, before you begin, you must introduce yourself to a dangerous platform. Be sure to look carefully at each location to identify the fatal traps above and below. How to play?
The main goal is similar to many other io games. You’ll get points for the coins collected and the players killed (you’ll get the coin player). So keep on climbing the labyrinth, but be careful about the pitfalls, instantaneous increases take 50% of your HP instantly. That means if you touch him twice, you die.

Act with AD
Skip with W or Condition
Attack with the left mouse button Strategy
Start to search for available coins. Normally, these coins are placed in the middle of the air. Therefore, you need to move forward by bouncing brilliantly to catch your main character easily. You should take care of traps and spikes because it will take 50% of your health at every touch. In addition to collecting coins, it is necessary to use a long sword to attack other opponents. Of course, you must be agile to avoid counterattacks, or your character’s health will decrease.

If your character does not have enough health or is too little, avoid any fight.
If you see a problematic route, the best thing is to wait and see if other players can pass there. Then you will understand whether this road is dangerous or safe.
Pressing the jump keys twice will cause the character to jump higher.
Combining the jumping and movement keys helps to scroll up and down before reaching any trap.
The higher you jump, the more money you discover and the first.

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