tribs io

tribs io

Join the community, choose your tribe, customize your hero, choose your special powers and beat other players in an epic battle! is a .io game about tribal wars. There are three tribal characters that you can play with Faya, Agwa and Plont. Each tribe has its own strength and weakness against others. The main goal of the game is to be the best player and the tribe to dominate the region.

Your goals are to defeat all other players and take your ability to victory! You can use dozens of power to achieve these goals and customize hundreds of different heroes!

Inspired by rock-scissors-paper game created .io game
Smooth animations and games,
Special skills
Various gifts from the chest
Different character models
Customizable character’s appearance How to Play?
Choose from three tribes: Faya, Agwa or Plont and start fighting for survival in the new multiplayer .io game Tribs io. Each tribe has its own abilities and weaknesses. Dominate the dominance of the arena. Enjoy and share with your friends! Open up chests to win key winners like magic, new clothes and equipment.

Mouse: Motion
A or S: Magic 1
Z or W: Magic 2 Strategy
You must first choose your tribe: AGWA, FAYA, or PLONT. The grass can drink water and the grass can light a fire. On the other hand, the fire may extinguish water. Navigate around the map, eat your prey and get away from other predatory tribes. You can use dozens of power and skills to fight! You must choose the right timing to throw bombs or build a wall. Your goal is to beat all other players and use your ability to go to victory

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