warscrap io

warscrap io

About Warscrap.io
Warscrap.io is a busy third-party attack and defense game! Defend your machines against enemy invasions along with enemy fighter weapons. You get a warning when you attack an enemy machine. You can buy new weapons and character traits with the energy you get during the battle.

Has a third-person perspective
Co-op battle with other players
Capture and defend zone games
Personalization of characters
Available new weapons and items
Boss Foe
How to Play Warscrap.io
This is an intense and exciting io game and everything is positioned on the battlefield. Team up with players from around the world while fighting to dominate your enemies’ facilities. You can take over all your territory and try to defeat the entire enemy team before they occupy theirs

WASD to move around
L to lock / unlock
Spacebar to jump
Right click to change weapon
Left click for attack
To open the E store menu
Warscrap.io Strategy
As a player, your goal is to protect the core reactors and base from the invading machine race that wants to take over and destroy all human species! Compete for the highest rank in the leaderboard and win * Core (in-game currency) to unlock new features and weapons to help you fight against the machines. Go now and join the battle, You are the resistance, you are the Warscrapers.

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