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About is a highly entertaining and addictive 2-dimensional shooting game, where you start your adventure as an airplane pilot controlling a small plane. In the game you must always stay in the air because if you fall into the sea, your plane will be destroyed and you may lose all your points. Everyone has the same conditions as you, and everyone’s sole purpose is to go higher in the leadership rankings. Navigate the map with 10 different weapons to collect around the map and destroy the pilots who dare to come in front of you! How to play?
You play as a pilot in and your first mission is to destroy everyone. Remember that in the game, everyone is the only one, so at some point they can kill you, so why not be the first one to shoot? The map features glowing balls and gun boxes, allowing you to use a random weapon to shoot at your enemies for a short while. Keep in mind that these weapons are several times stronger than the weapon you started to play, and the shooting distances range from the missile shooter to the Tesla ball. These are the materials you need to destroy enemy planes! Strategy
The controls are very simple. You use your mouse to control and steer the nose of your plane, and you can either use the left button or the space key if you wish to shoot. In this game you must collect boxes giving extra feature flying air. Thus, you will be able to have a new generation of weapons, more power or speed. When you have more powerful features in the game, your chance of first place will increase considerably and you will be able to get the crown of the kingdom easily. But when you become king, all the players will attack you. Therefore it is very difficult to protect the kingdom and it increases the importance of extra powers.

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