wormate io

wormate io

About Wormate.io
Wormate.io is technically a Slither.io-like game. In this game there are many coolest enhancements, more customization and great food images that show them even more delicious for worms. There are power icons that give your character extra powers in the game, you can easily beat the opponents when you collect these icons. There are two different game styles, one for team and one for team play. The membership system is also offered to players to increase your awareness in the game.

How to Play Wormate.io
Your goal in the world of Wormate is to be the biggest worm, and to do this, you must constantly eat the food on the map and the leftovers of other dead worms. To kill an enemy, you must make sure that you hit your head with your head, but don’t forget that everyone can eat the leftovers! This feature is bi-directional, if you see that large worms clash with each other, you can approach them and take advantage of them. It is advisable not to confront other worms in the early stages of the game because you don’t have a body large enough to trap anyone, but it is not a bad idea to pursue the dead worms.

Wormate.io Strategy
In the game your worm moves with the indicator of your mouse, it just controls the head of the worm and it is not possible to stop your worm. You can also click and hold the left button to speed up your worms, but keep in mind that this feature will reduce your score slowly. The most important feature that you can use to see the big enemies in the game and kill them is the small map on the top left side. By looking at this map you will see your location and competitors.

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