wormax io

wormax io

About Wormax.io
Wormax.io is another Slither.io-like io game. You start as a small snake and try to grow by eating food. However, the most important feature that distinguishes this game from others is the reinforcers we will talk about in more detail below. The game is a snake game that is easy to play and fun for people of all age groups.

Wormax.io How to Play?
If you’ve played a game like Slither.io before, you’ve learned the basics. You start as a small snake and you try to dominate the map by killing some of the bigger and smaller snakes. One of the coolest features of the game that I mentioned earlier is the reinforcers. There are more than one booster like invisibility and you can use them on the map for your own advantage. I know I promised to give more details, but after you give this little clue, it will be much more enjoyable to solve the rest yourself, have fun and good luck!

Wormax.io Strategy
Again, this game is very simple to control. Using your mouse you make all the directions and you can accelerate by using the spacebar for points. Finding different reinforcements in this game is a very important detail. With these boosters you can easily defeat your enemies and grow your snake very quickly. Using the small map in the lower right corner of the screen while playing the game is a very important criterion for being the first in the game. Apart from this, you can apply your hoop tactics to your opponents and capture their points by compressing them.

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