Xtreme Bike

Xtreme Bike

Xtreme Bike game on the computer with the direction keys and mobile mobile phones on the lower right side of the screen and the gas pedal on the lower left side of the brake pedal is played by clicking. At the same time as the brake pedal, you keep the engine in balance.

On the top of the screen to complete the course and track your position on the obstacles that appear with you. Play the crazy motor game without hitting the humps and hills as you pass through the course. Our goal is to reach the end point as soon as possible at the end of the course.

The length of the course is 2 km. You win points by tumbling in the air. Ventilate the engine by fast entry to the hills and click on the brake button and the direction buttons to turn the engine into the air. Earn points in this way. When you reach the end point, the time you stay in the game and the score you earn is displayed.

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