zlap io

zlap io

About Zlap.io
Zlap.io is an arena where everyone fights each other, and you start as a balloon-like character with a whip as your weapon. Everyone’s whip does the same amount of damage, but by killing your enemies and expanding the size of your whip, you have to increase your ability to capture other players at an unexpected time.

How to Play Zlap.io?
When you first start the game may sound a bit complicated but after playing a bit you can see that it is very fun and simple. Your character and the whip move independently of each other, which means you should avoid those who attack you while you attack. There is no food or anything in this game, the only way to increase the size of your whip is to kill other players because this game is completely action-based and has a lot of fun. When you start, we suggest you try to get used to shaking your whip and keeping your enemies, but you should also avoid hitting others. One of the coolest things about your whip is that it can detect enemy whips, so take advantage of it!

Zlap.io Strategy
As mentioned before, your character and weapon move independently, meaning that you will control your character with the WASD keys and your pointer with your mouse cursor. In the game you can eliminate your enemies by using the advantage of its volume, still bringing the biggest of your whip. When implementing this strategy, it is important to check the number of enemies around you, because while you attack enemies, they might want to hit you in the back from other opponents.

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