zombie road 1

zombie road 1

Zombie Road is an Android game where you can play for free, gathering action, race and zombie elements together.

Zombie Road is a story about a hero who wakes up with a serious headache. Our hero who looks out of the window sees the end of the doomsday. The city has been invaded by zombies and has now become a ruin. However, when we looked out, the zombies whose faces were covered with blood didn't take long to notice us and take our smell. When the zombies started to attack, we were put on our car by bristles and hanged on the steering wheel. With a screaming screaming zombies, we have only one glass. Using our falling weapons to clean the zombies our way.

Jumping on our way through Zombie Road zombies filled with a dangerous journey. In this journey, the zombies jump into our car and try to stop us. The one hand while paying attention to these zombies should also pay attention to the obstacles on the road, we have to multiply the barricades. But in this journey, we're not completely defenseless. It is possible to get rid of zombies by assembling guns to our vehicle. In addition, our hero, a technician, can develop and strengthen our vehicle.

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