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About Zombs.io
Zombs.io game is a game of mix of minecraft and zombie tower defense. Inspired by MooMoo.io. Build your own base and protect it from the coming zombie attacks. Improve your base and make it even stronger. Be careful because every attack will be stronger. How many nights can you survive?

Join friends to build a bigger base (but be careful! More zombies will attack when you play with your friends.)

How to Play Zombs.io?
Place your stack of gold [shortcut 8] to create your base. At night the zombies will be born, so build it as soon as possible. Collect nearby stones and wood to build towers.

Be sure to build gold mines to start producing gold (use gold to improve your towers and also to buy goods from the store (B)).

Build as many towers as you can to protect your gold coins and mines. Walls are also very important! They will protect your base and prevent the zombies from attacking your towers directly.

The more nights you survive, the more points you earn and the zombies will be stronger each time. Will you see the 100th night?

Zombs.io Strategy
Build 8 gold mines as quickly as possible to maximize your gold income.
Be sure to use the shop (B) to improve your dig and buy other weapons to help you defend.
Improving your walls is very important. Be very careful as the zombies are constantly strengthened and can surprise you.
Each tower has unique features, so place them carefully.

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